neume is an open source, socially scalable, project to index all activity within the emerging Web3 Music industry.

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  • | 9 min read

    How EIP-4973 Account-bound tokens could drive curation in the music NFT industry

    (Initially posted on the Ethereum Magicians forum) In the following post, I want to highlight a problem we've encountered in the music NFT industry. As a quick aside, these days, I work as a tech lead...

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  • | 2 min read

    Engaging with neume

    neume, as an open-source project, is dependent on the community surrounding it. As the project develops it’s important that we grow and refine the basis on which the community is encouraged to...

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  • | 5 min read

    Unsolved Problems in the Neume Network

    gm! In this post, I'm elaborating on the most pressing challenges we're currently facing in the neume network. And just for context, this isn't a conclusive post. We expect more technical challenges...

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  • | 4 min read

    Hello World

    Neumes were some of the first forms of music notation, the predecessor of modern musical notes. It was early technology that empowered those that could decipher it with the knowledge of how to play...

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