Engaging with neume

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neume, as an open-source project, is dependent on the community surrounding it. As the project develops it’s important that we grow and refine the basis on which the community is encouraged to engage.


Currently we have three preferred communication channels:

Any and all questions around the project can be asked, across #neume-dev (technical) and #neume-chat (general). The neume core team often provide ad-hoc updates and requests to the community for discussion.

  • "neume open office hours" audio / screenshare sessions once every two weeks, held within the neume-office channel in the HIFI Labs discord, google calendar link

An opportunity for the community to ask specific questions and spark discussion around ideas in a voice chat format. Previous open office hours are recorded and saved in the #neume-achives channel on discord.

  • This blog where the neume core team will give regular updates on progress and direction

The neume core team are also relatively active on Twitter if that is your preferred format (Tim, Dan), and we plan to ramp up activity through the neume Twitter in good time.


We are constantly trying to improve the processes by which anyone can contribute to neume, detailed in a couple of key living documents:

  • neume roles & responsibilities: Describes the tiers of engagement that we have defined for the neume project and the path from "Contributor" to "Core Contributor" to "Core Team"
  • neume handbook: Document that describes the engagement protocol for Contributors, how to identify areas for development, write proposals, and get paid

Further to task-wise contribution we have also established a process for "neuIPs" (neume improvement proposals) where the community can suggest more fundamental changes to the protocol, as defined in neuIP-1.

Suggesting your Use Case

neume is useful when it is being utilised in real world experimentation; core to our development mentality is letting use cases drive the prioritisation of building.

The world of blockchain/crypto/web3 is a constantly evolving and ever-changing environment and while we feel like we have a pretty good idea around what neume needs to become to support the next generation of music and the creative industries, there will no doubt be examples along the way that we can build towards to accelerate that journey.

If you feel like neume is something that could enable your idea, then please reach out across any of the channels detailed above and we can discuss further.